Marijuana and Dopamine

There is some research that says that marijuana and dopamine are both connected, with some studies saying that both of these cannabinoids have the same effects on this as they leave the body in different ways. But here, we’ll go over the science between both. 

What is dopamine

This is one of the chemicals that works with the neurotransmitters. Sa you probably know, neurotransmitters actually send out messages and different responses. This can impact everything from mood, thoughts memories, and sensations, and regulates our mood. Dopamine is the one that’s considered the “feel-good hormone, but it’s more than that. 

Dopamine of course, helps with motivation, desires, and attention, and when this is released, it becomes a motivator for many, which makes them feel good, creating the same reward responses, and that helps people continue to do things that make them feel really good. 

This reward system is really good for keeping people alive, functioning, and alert too, since it tells you things that are good, such as you got the right food when you’re hungry, or maybe that high that you get when you do something else. The problem, however, is that too little dopamine causes depression and also Parkinson’s disease too.

Marijuana and the brain

Marijuana helps with increasing dopamine in the body. it works with the ECS, which is the system of cannabinoid receptors in the body, and helps with response, mood, memory, and so much more, and it does have neurotransmitters that looks at these cannabinoids the same ways they do with dopamine and other chemicals, and the increase of this definitely does offer a lot of benefits too. These endocannabinoids and cannabinoids in the body definitely help to regulate the mood. It can affect dopamine in the same way. 

THC and Dopamine

THC is actually similar to dopamine, and it binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in order to offer a strong binding to this. This helps with ensuring that the proper chemicals are in the body. The ability for THC to block anandamide is actually responsible for the psychoactivity of this. 

When THC does bind to the CB1 receptors, it actually does impact the mood, concentration, memory, sensation, along with perception too. It does create a small spike in the dopamine levels within the brain, all the while activating the reward system of the brain, offering euphoria too. 

This actually increases in the short-term the dopamine levels because the neurons themselves don’t have the receptors. GABA however actually is impacted by THC, and that alters the levels too. GABA can actually cause dopamine inhibition, limiting the effects of this. When the THC does bind to the receptors, it can cause the double negative effect, and the THC inhibition does in fact, inhibit the dopamine production as well, which may cause a person to feel the depression symptoms that sometimes come with smoking or the consumption. 

Sometimes as well, that spike is something that may impact a person because it works the same way the addictive substances do on this part of our body. This doesn’t make cannabis addictive per se, but it does have that addictive quality, since you are rewarding that receptor. 

This is most commonly seen in those who experience a cannabis dependance disorder, and while it’s not addictive, it can act the same way normal addiction does. Most of the users also may feel withdrawal as well. While it’s not as strong, it can cause the spike, and it may cause a similar response, but it also does have the power to do something different and that’s lower the levels.

Marijuana Vs. Kratom

For a lot of people looking to possibly use a more natural sort of pain reliever, they may choose both marijuana and kratom.  They are very different though, and they have different effects, which is why consumers will use them for different kinds of things. Both kratom and marijuana have different statuses on legality and side effects, along with consumption method and safety levels. Here, we’ll go over the defenses between both.

First, what is Kratom?

Kratom is actually a name for what’s called mitragyna speciosa, which is an evergreen tree that’s located in southeastern Asia countries, and it’s been used in herbal medicine for a few centuries. This was chewed in thew past for relief of the musculoskeletal pain, increased appetite and energy, and sexual desire. It actually is now available in extracts and products too, including capsules and other edibles too. 

The effects and uses

Both of these are used for recreational and medicinal reasons, but they do react to the body and mind different. Marijuana is psychoactive, but it does work with the endocannabinoid system, and usually creates either euphoria, or sedation usually.  There are also some other health benefits that are in the marijuana plant due to the CBD, as it can help with pain and other problems too. Mot people use marijuana recreationally but there are some who use it for medical reasons such as lava cake marijuana, including pain problems, muscle aches, cancer, appetite issues, and even nausea, and it can also help with nerve pain, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, even glaucoma and Parkinson’s.  right now, only cannabis product is used to treat various seizures. Kratom is of course known to work the same way stimulates and opiates d, since it does contain different alkaloids that are in there, and it can create stimulant-like effects in most cases. This is used in low doses to crate the alertness and stimulating effects, whereas in higher dosages, it’s used to reduce pain, anxiety, and promote sedation and relaxation. It also may offer psychoactive effects if use din even higher dosages.  Many users describe this as euphoric in a sense, but the biggest problem with it, is that there is a chance for addiction, and it can form habits as well. As far as how people may use this, right now most people use it recreationally, and they may also use it medicinally to help with pain, digestive issues, various panic attacks, and symptoms of withdrawals as well. 

The Side Effects and safety

The biggest side effect is the fatal overdose chances that kratom has.  If you do take too much marijuana, you will feel kind of bad, and it might lead to possibly getting dependent, but it doesn’t lead to death. But there are overdoses reported from kratom as well. Kratom also does get combined with other substances too, but it does have the potential to be very addictive too. Plus, there is less information known about this. There are also unpleasant feelings that are side effects of taking too much kratom. Weed of course, creates dry mouth along with constipation, but for kratom, it can create that, but also damage to the liver, swelling of the brain, problems breathing, and seizures. Right now, marijuana is available medicinally and recreationally, but it’s not legal at the federal level, which is why if you’re going to get cannabis from one state that’s legal you technically can’t take it to another state. Kratom is not illegal but it is not federally regulated, so you should be mindful of the type of kratom that you’re having as well, since there are effects.