What are Vitexin and Isovitexin? 

Most of the terpenes in the cannabis plant play a role in the smells, but the flavonoids actually will offer different compounds that are in the plants that offer flavor changes. Two flavonoids that are found are called vitexin along with isovitexin, and both of these do offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, along with other neuroprotective options. They do have a bitter flavor and are seen in porridges. 

Vitexin is a flavenon glucoside that’s apigenin, and this is basically a flavonoid tons of plants have. Isovitexin is another isotope of this, which means that the molecular structure is different, but the compounds are the same. These are found in millet, fenugreek, oak, buckwheat, flax, and even cannabis too, and it also is naturally occurring in acai palm and passion flower. They are definitely both bitter-tasting. They’ve been used in ancient Chinese medicine to help with pain, inflammation, and improving brain functions too. 

How it Works in Cannabis 

These work synergistically like the terpenes and the other lesser cannabinoids in this, giving the strains a very unique and interesting flavor. The flavor and smell of this, along with the terpenes and the flavonoids, do play a role in how they interact with the body in different ways. Right now though, we don’t have the research on this particularly, but scientists have found that this is all part of the entourage effect, which means that it works with other terpenes and cannabinoids to offer tons of amazing benefits that’ll benefit them and the consumption of the plant as well. Right now though, there isn’t a ton of research on either of these, or they do play a role in wellness that’s holistic, but it’s still a bit misunderstood. 

The health benefits 

Both vitexin and isovitexin have bee used for millennia as part of traditional remedies and herbal responses. More research has also found that many of the mechanics of both of these healing properties play a large part of this. Bot vitexin along with isovitexin all show promise as antioxidants, and they’re used to combat the oxidative stress and damages. In a 2020 review, it was found that this can actually help to fight against myocardial and respiratory injuries that contain oxidative stress, along with metabolic problems, cell issues, memory impairment, eve seizures too. 

The flavonoids are also anti-inflammatory in most cases and are really good for combatting the pain along with other different conditions too. A study done in 2013 found that vitexin actually reduced inflammation within mice, which were exhibiting analgesic effects targeting the receptors of pain, and also which inhibited oxidative stress too. 

Other research has proven that vitexin is really good for possibly preventing cancers. One other study of the vitexin compound taken from a plant used in Chinese medicine was discovered to actually suppress the melanoma growth that happens through redoing DNA damage, and it can actually work as an effective treatment despite the cancer being known for possibly being resistant to the cancer treatments that are out there. 

Another thing that this chemical does is actually help with possibly treating diabetes mellitus. In a review found in 2021, it was found that the evidence that supported this was used to attenuate the complications that arose from diabetes mellitus, simply due to the protection this had from oxidative stress, along with properties that are anti-inflammatory too. 

For many, this is great for the treatment of conditions, and it’s actually a very powerful antioxidant that could possibly be beneficial to the health of a person, although the studies are still very new too. 

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