What is Luteolin 

Luteolin is another flavonoid that’s found in a variety of different plants, of course, cannabis included. This is great for the human body since luteolin has been found to reduce the oxidative stress along with bodily imbalances and also may prevent serious conditions such as C. This is found usually in barks or even in clover blossoms. Mint, celery, oranges, broccoli, and even artichokes along with thyme, oregano, parsley, and rosemary all have this. 

So how does it Work in Cannabis? 

With cannabis, there are various flavonoids that actually offer colors and flavor bursts. Luteolin is a yellow sort of crystalline substance that actually influences how the senses actually perceive what you’re seeing, tasting, and smelling, and it can actually cause a strain to be a bit yellowish in hue as well. 

This one actually infuses directly with your cannabis plant as well in order to offer therapeutic potency too. This actually creates the entourage effect that offers a lot of differ benefits to this, and many of the receptors and other compounds create other messages in order to get the plant to properly heal too. 

The Health Benefits Of This

While most of the health benefits of luteolin is mostly just animal studies, scientists are actually looking at the health benefits of this. The first is allergy symptoms. Luteolin is extracted directly from leaves of the peppermint plant, and in this, they also may have histamines that are inhibited, improving the allergic reactions and symptoms. Histamines make the skin itch and grow red, and it can also reduce contact dermatitis, along with allergic asthma, and it can also possibly help with inflammation of the nasal passages too. 

Inflammation in general may benefit from this, but in particular, let’s look at MS. Some studies have found that luteolin can play a part in reducing your inflammation, and many gastrointestinal inflammation conditions, such as chron’s disease and even certain bowel cancers and inflammation can actually benefit from this. 

Cancer also may benefit from luteolin. The flavonoid actually regulates estrogen, helping to prevent certain cancers including ovarian and breast cancer.  It’s got an antioxidant effect on the lung cancer cells, inhibiting the incidence of different cancers in the colon. 

Finally, there is anxiety, which actually can benefit from luteolin. While the studies for this so far are animal studies, it was found that it ca help with interactions socially, and other such benefits too. 

Side Effects 

This is safe, and the side effects really only show up in those who take way too much of this, but it’s also important to understand that this is not studied in its entirely. One study found that luteolin can make colitis worse, but this is in an animal study and not a people study. 

In a cell line study, it actually may cause progesterone antagonist activity, which can be beneficial to breast cancers, but bad to endometrial cancer. This is of course a cell line study, and this is mostly looked at luteolin as a supplement. Another study on those with autism spectrum disease found that it can in those with ASD possibly have good effects, but also bad effects, improving the adaptive functioning, but also causing more irritability as well. 

The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor before taking these supplements. Remember, the luteolin supplements are not FDA approved, so it can possibly interact if you’re taking medications, calcium channel blockers, or other drugs. As a rule of thumb, the safest way to consume this is from the plant itself, not through a pill with concentrated levels too. 

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