What is Galganin 

This is a flavonoid that’s in cannabis that actually is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Usually found in honey and plant roots, this actually is a very powerful flavonoid. This is beneficial because it helps with reducing the oxidative stress in the body, and can also help to offset certain conditions, such as cancer and the like. The most common food source for this is honey, but it can be found in other plants as well, depending on what it is. 

Galganin in Cannabis 

Flavonoids are actually part of the color and flavor in the plant, and it actually can be used to influence how the senses understand the cannabis consumed, along with the taste and smell of this too. The flavonoid also infuses to offer a really therapeutic response to this. Flavonoids are great for entourage effects that offer medicinal benefits, binding to the receptors and sending messages to fix the body. You can even take this as a supplement, especially if you don’t want to consume certain strains which might have this as well. 

The health benefits 

There are some health benefits that show that galganin also may prove to offer health benefits that are sustainable, including virus combatting, fighting tumors, and so much more. There are different cultures that actually use this for other conditions too, and can even be used for suppressing coughs, treating asthma, and even being used to help with arthritis. 

Galganin was found to be an alternative to chemo for those with cancer. This new study discovered in 2021 found that galganin can actually be therapeutic against different types of cancers including esophageal, melanoma, ovarian, lung, and other cancers that usually don’t have a good prognosis to them.  It also can help to inhibit breast cancer cell growth too. 

As for diabetes, it was found that galganin actually improves the diabetes in those who have it. While this is animal study mostly, there is a chance that it can help with insulin resistance, proving to aid in this as well, making it better for you. As for IBD, it was found that galganin also works to help with preventing ulcerative colitis, and also IBD conditions too. This is due to decreasing the inflammation while helping to improve the health of the colon, by increasing the levels of the good bacteria that are located in your microbiome. 

Finally, there is arthritis that can actually be benefitted from this flavonoid.  Galganin actually helps with protecting the fibroblast cells and also to reduce inflammation that goes along with rheumatoid arthritis. This also can help with reducing inflammation in the treatment of your osteoarthrosis conditions. It also is effective against other kinds of conditions too, but there is more research which warrants to find out the full potential of this flavonoid. 

Side Effects? 

There are some side effects of galganin, and they include a lowered appetite, more urination than usual, lowered levels of energy, and in rare instances, a coma or death possibility. It’s important to talk to your doctor if you’re going to have these supplements, and remember that they are not FDA approved, so be mindful of that too. 

You should ideally take galganin in your diet and try to have it through the plant products which are out there rather than through a supplement. For the most part, plants tend to have the least among of negative things, so if you consume cannabis which includes this, you’ll be able to not only mitigate the side effects of this, but also be able to maintain a healthy body and mind as well too. 

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