Can Weed Replace Pain Meds 

Chronic pain is a part of some people’s lives, and medication for this is vital to help with some chronic pain and to live your life. The problem, however, is that chronic pain meds do actually also have some nasty side effects too, especially addiction and other problems. Some people are looking towards more holistic means to actually take care of their bodies. Weed is one of them, and there is actually some research on I being a way to effectively manage pain. But can it really help? Here’s what we’ve learned. 

The research 

There is plenty of research that demonstrates marijuana can actually relieve a lot of types of different chronic pain problems, including inflammatory, neurological, and even central pain. Nociceptive types of pain, otherwise known as inflammatory pain, occurs when you have damaged tissue, and then, the immune and inflammatory cells release some enzymes that activate your nerves. 

Some studies have shown that marijuana can help with this. One way is through reducing the amount of inflammation near the sight of the tissue since both THC and CBD both have anti-inflammatory properties to this, helping to reduce the pain that’s caused by too much inflammation. Another thing, is that it actually activates and reacts with how our bodies process pain, modulating this in order to increase anandamide, and also increase the GABA activity, which actually helps to inhibit the pain signals that travel through the body. 

Neuropathic pain also benefits from this. Pinched nerves and also pierced nerves are never fun, but the problem is that it’s very hard to treat, and they usually don’t respond to the anti-inflammatory drugs in the same way the other types of pain respond.  You can, however, treat neuropathic pain by activating those CB1 receptors, directly activating them and increasing the levels of anandamide that are there, and also help with nerve pain due to chemotherapy, and also interacting and activating the receptors of serotonin that are there. 

Finally, central pain such as fibromyalgia are definitely hard to treat, but it can actually be used to help with this. One study found that marijuana actually helped these people stop taking their pain medications, which helps with treatment-resisting pain too, making it easier than ever. 

The drawbacks of Pain Meds 

A lot of people are using marijuana and eve CBD as an alternative to traditional therapy since medications do have major drawbacks. The first is the side effects that come with this. If you are constantly using says NSAIDs over time such as aspirin and ibuprofen, you can get ulcers, damage to your kidneys, and also increase your risk for stroke or heart attack. Painkillers also come with awful symptoms too, especially the addictive parts of it, as in the case of opioids as well. 

There is actually a lot of deaths that do occur due to opioid misuse in the US, but that’s usually an overdose. So can marijuana help with this? Possibly. Right now, there aren’t any studies which show the direct correlation between the reduction of pain and marijuana, but the cool thing about this, is that it’s pretty cool, and it may offer you an alternative. 

Right now though, there are only a few drugs that are on the market that contain cannabis and may be used to treat pain. It could be a good replacement, as it can actually help those with chronic pain consume something else that’ll help them. Some of them may even throw the pain relievers away period, but right now, we need to just wit and see what science says. 

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