Treating MS with CBD oil 

Could CBD help with multiple sclerosis or MS? This is a question that’s still being researched. There is evidence that it is promising that it may help with the many symptoms including mobility problems, muscle spasticity, and even soreness and pain, and it also may offer some neuroprotection, which does help with treating MS effectively. 

First, what is multiple sclerosis? 

This is also known as MS, which is a disease that impacts the central nervous system, and that’s pretty much your brain along with spinal cord. In MS, the immune system attacks the myelin that covers your nerves. When that’s damaged, it does impact the communication between the brain, your spinal cord, and the rest of the receptors in the body. this can permanently damage your nerves in this area. The symptoms that come with MS do vary, but some people may have some that gets worse over time, and then others that are acute, where it happens for a little bit, and then goes away over time. Some of the symptoms include: 

  • Tingling and numbness 
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Stiffness and muscle weakness 
  • Fatigue and feeling sleepy mobility problems such as clumsiness, tremors, dizziness, and balancing issues 
  • Impairment of cognitive function 
  • Pain 
  • Problems with the bladder and bowels 
  • Difficulty with swallowing and speech 
  • Vision loss and other issues 
  • Color blindness 

What causes this is still something we don’t totally understand, but some research points that it is autoimmune in terms of response, so it may be caused by genetics, or even environmental parts that associate with this too. Can it be cured? Currently, there is no specific cure, but there are treatments that help with the recovery of this, slowing the progression of the disease and treating the symptoms. 

Marijuana and MS 

Is there any research that says that CBD and marijuana helps with this? Well CBD in particular actually shows to be very promising, and some delt-a9 extracts or Sativex can also help with this, so yes, cannabis may possibly be enough for this. 

It may help with the muscle spasms and reduce the soreness of muscles while improving your mobility, offering protection from inflammation, and also helping with neuropathic pain. There is a possibility that it can also treat certain symptoms too. Inflammation definitely can help with this, and that’s due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory symptoms that come with this, since they may combine together to make a more neuroprotective elements to this. 

This is partially why there’s been a ton of research on the utilization of CBD used to treat this, and the profession of this occurs first in the nerves that get inflamed, they lose the coating, they are damaged, and many researchers are still interested on whether this could fight the process because it does have these properties. 

Right now, more research needs to be looked into this, but it could help not just with MS, but possibility Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too. What about mobility? Yes, it may help with improving muscle tone and mobility in those with MS. It is because it does reduce the fatigue, the pain, and the spasticity as well. 

It can also help with reducing spasticity as well, but this is done through THC and other cannabinoids. Right now, the findings are pointing to this, and it does have research that shows it can help with muscle spasms too and showing an 81% improvement in those that were studied. Sativex is probably the one that helps with spasticity in those patients that have MS too. 

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